The Perfect Treehouse

The Perfect Treehouse

From Site Selection to Design & Construction

Django Kroner


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Treehouses speak to the little kid in each of us. Who doesn't love the idea of a fantasy house in the treetops? But building a treehouse the right way takes a lot of thought, planning and hard work. This book is here to help you dream big yet approach your treehouse build in an achievable way. You'll learn:

   • Everything you need to know in order to choose a suitable location and the right materials for your build
   • How to choose the right tree
   • Which tools you need and how to use them
   • How to build with the health of the tree in mind - which is important for treehouse safety as well as the environment
In addition to plenty of inspiration for making a home in the canopy, you'll find professional advice on materials, best practices and tree selection. More than just an aspirational book, "The Perfect Treehouse" is your guide to making your dream treehouse a reality.


Django Kroner:
Django Kroner is the founder of The Canopy Crew, a custom treehouse building and tree care company based in Cincinnati, OH.